structuring and implementation of
interactive web sites
of any complexity.

About me

I have proven experience in the development and designing of web sites, portals, integration of CRM-systems, online stores, landing pages and databases.


Experience with cms systems


Work with web projects on a
long-term basis and monthly payments.

Web programmer with great practical experience
design and development of Internet projects.

I create unique and individual Internet solutions,
sites, shops, portals, using CRMs and PHP.

Personal responsibility, individual
approach, flexible development & design
methodology and iterative integration.


Design creation

Layout layouts

Seo optimization


My works

The site was created using CMS OpenCart.
Completed paid HTML / CSS template.
Sometimes updates / changes are made
at the client's request.

Large project created by CMS Bitrix,
which is constantly updated.
Added new functionality.

Website created on CMS Wordpress. HTML + CSS from PSD layout and new CMS theme. Looks like a simple “visit site” site, but there is a hidden “private area” - http://koupi.kz/office/, where you can create employee reports. This “private area” was designed to develop a full stack; Complex calculations are performed using PHP, MySQL and Ajax (jQuery) technologies.

Website created on CMS Wordpress.
Inside there is a special calculator for calculating
the cost of the kitchen.